Italy-Slovenia Inter-Regional funded project SUSGRAPE makes good headway

SUSGRAPE is a project for eco-friendly viticulture on the Italo-Slovenian border, carried out in collaboration with 

Vittorio Venturi, Group Leader, Bacteriology laboratory, ICGEB Trieste, and coordinated by the AREA Science Park. Inter-Regional (Interreg) funding was awarded for the project that aims to lower the use of chemical substances and Co2 emissions in grapevines, and to study the development of new pesticides, in September 2017.

Recent developments have included harvesting of samples from healthy and peronospora infected grapefine leaves from Italian and Slovenian vineyards, carried out by the ICGEB and the University of Primorska teams; isolation of microorganisms from healthy grapevine leaves, and subsequent observation and isolation of more than 150 microbes that are now being individually stored at -80 degrees celsius, prior to further study.


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