ICGEB Courses in South Africa

Forthcoming ICGEB Course to be held in Cape Town

The Theoretical Course on "Global Infectious Disease Research: A Multidisciplinary Approach" will be held in Cape Town, South Africa, from 4-10 September 2011.

Organized by J.R. Dorfman and F. Brombacher (ICGEB Cape Town) and W.A. Hanekom (University of Cape Town), the announcement will full information is now available for consultation.

A supplementary application form is also available for this Course.


Additional ICGEB events held in South Africa include the following recent meetings:

Cape Town, 6-9 March 2011:
"Joint International Conference of the African and Southern African Societies of Human Genetics", organised by Rajkumar Ramesar, University of Cape Town, South Africa

Pretoria, 7-11 March 2011:
South Africa - Argentina Joint Regional Biosafety Workshop and Seminar "Biosafety of GM Crops: Emerging Issues and Challenges Affecting Regulatory Decision Making",

organised by Chantal Arendse (Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, DAFF, Pretoria, South Africa) and Moisés Burachik (Directorate of Biotechnology, Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries - SAGyP, Buenos Aires, Argentina).

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