25 years of ICGEB

For a quarter of a century ICGEB has been pioneering the field of genetic engineering and biotechnology

Twenty five years ago, in December 1987, the first experiments were underway in the laboratories of ICGEB in Trieste. Over the course of time, the International Centre of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology has consolidated its role as a Centre of scientific excellence.

On the occasion of this anniversary for its first quarter century of research, the Director of the Trieste laboratories of the ICGEB, Mauro Giacca, presents a snapshot of the mission, the characteristics and the activities of the ICGEB. 

ICGEB in numbers:

To date, 63 Member States support the activities of the ICGEB. A total of 28 laboratories operate out of its components in Trieste, New Delhi and Cape Town, with approximately 600 researchers and scientific personnel. In Trieste alone, these represent 34 nationalities. Over 2500 scientific articles have been published since 1988.

The Centre holds 60 active patents, over 70 technology transfers with companies, 170 PhD alumni and 177 current PhD students across its components. Since 1988 the Centre has organized over 440 scientific meetings and courses for a total of almost 20,000 participants. Since 1989 the Centre has granted 785 fellowships and granted funding to 404 research projects in Member States (for a total of Euro 16 million). Since 2004, Trieste has hosted 415 international seminars. On average, the ICGEB Web site receives 36 million hits per month, while the ICGEB iTunes U - Beyond Campus collections have been downloaded, previewed and viewed 200,000 times since they were launched, in July 2011. Over the last 10 years, over 140 external research grants have been awarded to ICGEB Trieste, for a total funding of over Euro 15 million.

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14 December 2012

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Excerpt: "The first time I visited the ICGEB was in the spring of 1987, when I went to visit Arturo Falaschi..." M. Giacca

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