21st ICGEB Annual Symposium, 14-15 June 2016

ICGEB Scientists, Postdocs and PhDs collectively present over 30 talks during the two-day, 21st edition of the ICGEB Annual Symposium.

Sessions are chaired by the PhD students themselves and are attended by the 150 strong research body at ICGEB Trieste. The Symposium takes place at the AREA Science Park Conference Centre, where the ICGEB labs are located.

This year's keynote speakers and special guests are: Sneh L. Singla-Pareek, Principal Investigator of the Plant Stress Biology Group at the ICGEB New Delhi Component, where she has been Staff Research Scientist since 2001. Her talk, "Ensuring the food bowl for masses: raising crops for saline and dry areas” represents her current research on stress molecular biology and crop biotechnology, functional genomics of plant abiotic stresses, transgenics, gene stacking, stress tolerance and grain yield. Dr. Singla-Pareek also teaches on the ICGEB PhD Course at ICGEB New Delhi.

Francesco Venier, Associate Dean for Executive Education at MIB School of Management, Trieste, Italy, will present a talk on the way in which academics and researchers can get more out of social media. His current research and teaching areas range from entrepreneurship, social-media impact inside and across organisations, industrial clusters, strategic change and organisational innovation. He lectures in international business schools both in Europe and Asia, in particular China. 

The traditional closing party of the Symposium held on the ICGEB premises in Trieste provides an opportunity to mix popular culture and science - and to welcome the coming summer break.

The ICGEB Fun Run, held on the first evening of the Symposium, and open to all colleagues in the AREA Science Park and Trieste scientific institutions, is at its 3rd edition and, this year included 120 participants.

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Giuditta De Lorenzo and Alessio Guglielmi chair the afternoon session on Tuesday, 14 June 2016

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