ICGEB Board of Governors meets in Trieste

The ICGEB Board of Governors convened in Trieste on 13-14 May 2014 and nominated the new Director General of the Centre. Mauro Giacca, from Italy will succeed Francisco E. Baralle, Director General since 2004.

The Board, comprising representatives from the ICGEB Member States, discussed the research and technology transfer activities of the Centre across its three Components in Trieste, New Delhi and Cape Town and nominated the new members of the Council of Scientific Advisers, amongst whom Harald Zur Hausen, Nobel Prize for Medicine, for discovering the connection of HPV as the cause of cervical cancer, and American scientist, Roger Beachy, one of the leading world experts in the field of agriculture. The Board also confirmed the appointment of the Interim Director of the New Delhi Component, Prof. Sudhir Sopory, following the completion of the tenure of former Director, Prof. V.S. Chauhan in March 2014.

The nomination of the new Director General of ICGEB, to succeed Francisco E. Baralle from Argentina who has headed the Centre for the last ten years, was one of the major issues on the Agenda. The Director-Generalship passes to Mauro Giacca, Italian scientist renowned for his research in gene therapy and cardiac regeneration, on 1 July 2014. Prof. Baralle will remain associated with the Centre and continue his research in the field of neurogeneration, one of the key research areas of the Centre in Trieste.

The programme of the new Director General foresees the adaptation of the Centre's activities to the changing scientific and technological needs of its Member States, also through the implementation of research and training programmes for specific geographical areas, and the enhancement of the research and technological transfer activities at its three Components.



L-R: Mauro Giacca, Director ICGEB Trieste, Francisco E. Baralle, ICGEB Director-General, Hamdy A.A. Moursy, President of the Board, Decio Ripandelli, Secretary of the Board, Sudhir Sopory, Interim Director, ICGEB New Delhi, Iqbal Parker, Director ICGEB Cape Town.

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