Virus Research at ICGEB

Recent ICGEB Meetings on viruses have been held across three Continents


In February 2010, the ICGEB-IUBMB Workshop on Human RNA Viruses, (New Delhi, India), was run jointly by scientists from ICGEB Trieste and New Delhi and hosted an international panel of speakers and participants from developing countries.
Topics focused on viral diseases affecting humans caused by RNA viruses (including HIV, Dengue, influenza, SARS, viral hepatitis and rotaviruses), life cycle, replication strategies, host-virus interactions, immunity, vaccination strategies, diagnostics and therapy.

Also in February, ICGEB co-sponsored the EMBO World Lecture Course, Virus-Host: Partners in Pathogenicity, (San Jose, Costa Rica), covering topics including human viral diseases (HIV, HPV and influenza), animal disease (foot and mouth) and plant viruses that are economically important, particularly in developing countries.
A report on this meeting will be published in Future Virology.

From 6-14 March 2010, the Second Advanced Summer School in Africa was held in Hermanus, South Africa.
Organized by Iqbal Parker, ICGEB Cape Town, and co-sponsored by ICGEB, IUBMB, the Federation of the African Societies for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (FASBMB), FEBS and UNESCO, a series of tutorials on various human viruses, including papillomavirus, Epstein-Barr virus, Kaposi’s sarcoma virus, HIV and SARS, were discussed through specific initiatives aimed at promoting interaction between senior scientists and students from across and beyond Africa.



For further information on ICGEB Meetings and Courses contact:
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