Istanbul, Turkey, 2-8 September 2012, ICGEB Workshop on Bioinformatics approaches for analysis of high-throughput biological data


Istanbul, Turkey

Organized by Hasan H. Otu, Istanbul Bilgi University, Turkey, and Luiz Fernando C. Zerbini, ICGEB Cape Town, South Africa, the workshop takes place in Istanbul, Turkey this week, from 2-8 September 2012.

The Course covers five days of advanced training for young scientists on topics covering areas in DNA sequence anlaysis, protein structure prediction, functional genomics and proteomics and systems biology. 

International speakers include Khalid Sayood, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA, Cenk Sahinalp, Simon Fraser University, Canada, Rita Casadio, University of Bologna, Italy, Towia Libermann, Harvard Medical School, USA and Michael P. Myers, ICGEB Trieste, Italy.

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