17th ICGEB Symposium, 5-6 July 2012

Featuring 60 speakers from among the 200 strong scientific population at ICGEB Trieste, including Group Leaders, Researchers and PhD students.

The scientific sessions of the 17th edition of the ICGEB Symposium, held over two days, cover current research being undertaken across the 15 Research laboratories that operate out of the Trieste Component. The Symposium, held annually, provides an opportunity for students and researchers to showcase and share their work and current research pursuits.

This year's Symposium also marked the 25th Anniversary of the ICGEB, an event that was highlighted at the closing party of the Symposium held on the ICGEB premises in Trieste.

Thanks to all ICGEB personnel (including the band!) who organised and ran the entire event.

ICGEB Symposium Programme 2012

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