ICGEB Trieste: What have we been publishing?

Read about recent findings from current research at ICGEB labs in Trieste, Italy:

Just out in The Journal of Biological Chemistry, "Cellular Model of TAR DNA-binding Protein 43 (TDP-43) Aggregation Based on Its C-terminal Gln/Asn-rich Region", Budini, M. and colleagues of the Molecular Pathology Group headed by Francisco E. Baralle (link to PubMed).

Tumour Virology: Vanitha K. Subbaiah and colleagues in the laboratory headed by Lawrence Banks have published "The Invasive Capacity of HPV Transformed Cells Requires the hDlg-dependent enhancement of SGEF/RhoG Activity" in PLoS Pathogens: a story defining one of the ways in which EPV E6 drives cell invation and promotes tumourigenesis. Of wider significance, it also demonstrates that a protein involved in regulating cell polarity and long thought to be a tumour suppressor is in fact, under certain settings, an oncongen that drives malignancy.

In Traffic: Martina Bergant is first author of a paper that describes the identification of a critical step during HPV infectious entry, "with important implications for our understanding of how HPV gents into cells, how  conserved this process is between different HPV types and offers clues to novel ways in which we might be able to interere with this" (L. Banks, Group Leader). Link to PubMed


Molecular Virology: Lisa Miorin and colleagues, with Group Leader Alessandro Marcello, have published a paper entitled "Formation of membrane-defined compartments by tick-borne encephalitis virus contributes to the early delay in interferon signaling" in Elsevier press' Virus Research Journal. Link to PubMed. A paper on characterization of the HIV-1 RNA associated proteome was published in Retrovirology earlier last year. Link to PubMed.


The Mouse Molecular Genetics Group's recent article in The FASEB Journal discusses "Rescue of bilirubin-induces neonatal lethality in a mouse model of Crigler-Najjar syndrome type I by AAV9-mediated gene transfer" (see PubMed link).

Protein Structure and Bioinformatics, Sandor Pongor's Group, together with Vittorio Venturi, Bacteriology Group, has published "Chromosomal arrangement of AHL-driven quorum sensing circuits in Pseudomonas" in ISRN Microbiology, an Open Source Journal. 


The Bacteriology Group headed by Venturi has also recently published in the ISRN Journal (Link to PubMed), in Microbiol Ecology on "Common Features of Environmental and Potentially Beneficial Plant-Associated Burkholderia" (link to PubMed) and in Applied and Environmental Microbiology - Link to PubMed.


Franco Pagani and his Human Molecular Genetics Group (Link to PubMed) and Oscar Burrone's Molecular Immunology Group (see PubMed link) have both recently published findings in PLoS ONE.  Pagani and colleagues have also published recently in RNA (PubMed link).

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