ICGEB Trieste: Recent publications


See where the findings from current research at ICGEB labs in Trieste, Italy have recently been published:

Molecular Pathology: E. Buratti and F.E. Baralle, Group Leader and ICGEB Director General, have published "Neurons don't appreciate FUSsing in the cytoplasm". EMBO Journal 29. Link to PubMed

Cellular Immunology: J. Pulecio, J. Petrovic and F. Prete with F. Benvenuti, new Group Leader, in collaboration with O. Burrone, Group Leader, Molecular Immunology, have published "Cdc42-mediated MTOC polarization in dendritic cells controls targeted delivery of cytokines at the immune synapse". Journal Experimental Medicine, 207. Link to PubMed

Tumour Virology: headed by L. Banks, has published "Modification of human papillomavirus minor capsid protein L2 by sumoylation" in the Journal of Virology (link to PubMed), and, in collaboration with M. Myers, Group Leader, Protein Networks, "The cell polarity regulator hScrib controls ERK activation through a KIM site-dependent interaction", in Oncogene (PubMed link).

Genome Stability: B. Lucic, R. Mendoza-Madonado and A. Vindigni, Group Leader, together with collaborators, have published "A prominent {beta}-hairpin structure in the winged-helix domain of RECQ1 is required for DNA unwinding and oligomer formation" in Nucleic Acids Research. Link to PubMed

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