ICGEB New Delhi at World Biofuel Day


On World Biofuel day, 10 August 2018, Shashi Kumar, Group Leader, Metabolic Engineering lab at ICGEB New Delhi, and a group 30 colleagues who work in the field at the ICGEB attended the events at the Science Auditorium in Delhi, to interact with Indian Government Ministers and hear the address by Indian Prime Minister Modi in person.

Five Groups at ICGEB New Delhi develop technologies for the production of clean energy from biological sources: Microbial Engineering (Yazdani), Yeast Biofuel (Gaur), the Omics of Algae Group (Jutur), the Systems Biology for Biofuels Group (Srivastava) and the Metabolic Engineering Group (Kumar), which also develop various projects of industrial interest. 

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Using genome editing tools, the Kumar Group focuses on wastewater remediation and hydrothermal liquefaction of algae biomass for biorefineries, terpenoid drug biosynthesis, as mentioned above, and metabolic engineering for hypoallergentic latex.

World Biofuel day looks at the global goals for sustainable development (affordable and clean evergy, responsible consumption and production and life on land).


L-R: Shashi Kumar, ICGEB New Delhi, with Min. Satpal Singh, Minister of State for Human Resource Development (Higher Education)




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