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ICGEB/Eurasnet RNA Alternative Splicing

This week, Trieste is hosting the 2nd ICGEB Post-Eurasnet RNA Alternative Splicing Meeting, with organizers from ICGEB Trieste, the UK, Portugal, Germany and Spain and approximately 100 participants. Eurasnet is the Alternative Splicing Network of Excellence funded under the Framework 6 Programme (FP6) of the European Union countries.

ICGEB has been running its international Meetings and Courses programme for over 20 years and for over 20,000 participants worldwide.

Link to  the calendar for ICGEB scientific meetings and courses to be held at the Components in Trieste, Delhi and Cape Town and in Member States in 2014.


Forthcoming events and closing dates for applications:

Conference “RNA Metabolism: Changing Paradigms in Neurodegeneration”
29 November 2013

Theoretical and Practical Course “Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting in Biotechnology and Biomedicine Research”
8 December 2013

Conference “Multidisciplinary Approaches to Emerging Infectious Diseases: From Molecular Biology to National Surveillance”
30 January 2014

Symposium “Modern Biotechnological Advances for Human Health - BAHH”
ABSTRACT SUBMISSION: 10 February 2014REGISTRATION: 18 April 2014

Theoretical and Practical Course “Plant Tissue Culture: Tool for Genetic Engineering of Plants”
1 January 2014

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