ICGEB Meetings and Courses 2012

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ICGEB has been providing excellent opportunities to the international scientific community for direct interaction with forerunners of internationally recognised science since 1988. Well-established rates of success and popularity of the Centre's annual meetings and courses attest to over 18,000 participants worldwide.

See the recently published calendar for the scientific meetings and courses to be held at ICGEB Components and Member States during 2012.

The programme includes 21 theoretical and practical courses to be held at the ICGEB Components and in selected Member States on the following topics:

  • CAPE TOWN - Nutrition and Disease, Non-communicable Diseases;
  • NEW DELHI - Antivrals, Bioenergy and Protein-protein Interactions;
  • TRIESTE - RNA Structure and Function, Risk Assessment of GMOs, Cardiac and Vascular Regeneration, Bioinformatics, Molecular Biology of Leishmania.
  • ARGENTINA - Human RNA Viruses;
  • CHILE - Lignocellulosic Bioethanol, Bioinformatics;
  • IRAQ - Applications of Human Y-Chromosome and mtDNA;
  • KENYA - Molecular Medicine and Genomics;
  • MEXICO - Biotechnology Summit;
  • NIGERIA - DNA Isolation, Manipulation and Application;
  • QATAR - Detection of GMOs;
  • SRI LANKA - Biosafety of Genetically Engineered Crops;
  • TURKEY - Bioinformatics


Download the ICGEB Meetings and Courses for 2012.

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