ICGEB Meetings and Courses 2011



The calendar for the scientific meetings and courses to be held at ICGEB Components and Member States during 2011  is now available.

The programme includes 21 theoretical and practical courses to be held at the ICGEB Components and in selected Member States on the following topics:

  • CAPE TOWN - Human Genetics and Global Infectious Disease Research;
  • NEW DELHI - Pathogen Genomes, Proteomics, Host-Pathogen Interactions, and Plant Adaptation towards Abiotic Stress;
  • TRIESTE - Mouse Genetics, RNA Structure and Function, Quorum Sensing, Bioinformatics, Strategic Risk Assessment of GMOs, and the DNA Tumour Virus.
  • ARGENTINA - Food and Environmental Safety Assessment of Genetically Modified Animals, and Gene Expression and RNA Processing;
  • BRAZIL - Comparative Microbial Genomics and Taxonomy;
  • CHILE - Genetics of Diseases and Human Populations;
  • CHINA - Cancer Stem Cells;
  • CROATIA - Field Trials and Monitoring of GMOs;
  • IRAN - Bioethics and Ethical Aspects of Biosafety;
  • IRAQ - Genetic Applications in Human and Animal Health;
  • SYRIA - Biopesticidal Proteins;
  • URUGUAY - Redox Chemistry and Biology of Thiols.

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