ICGEB Leishmania Course, 24-26 October 2012

Molecular Biology of Leishmania


Trieste, Italy

The ICGEB Theoretical and Practical Course on the Molecular Biology in Leishmania is underway in Trieste, Italy,with organisers Lawrence Banks, ICGEB Trieste, and Greg Matlashewski, Centre for Host-Parasite Interactions, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec.

The Course aims to bring together young researchers from countries around the world where Leishmaniasis is endemic and provide them with the opportunity to interact with leading scientists in the field. This offers a forum for scientific exchange and collaboration with the goal of fostering improvements in the management, diagnosis and treatment of the disease.  

The Course was first organised in 2002, and it has been run on alternate years ever since. This is one of the the most popular ICGEB Courses, and the consistent increase in interest in this important parasite and human pathogen is reflected in the numbers of applications, with this year almost 130 applicants for the 35 places available.

This year, the students and scientists who successfully applied originate from Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Brazil, Colombia, India, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Kenya, Nepal, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sudan and Tunisia.

The course consists of lectures, computing practicals, short research presentations and poster sessions and the course contents will be available through the ICGEB Courses Podcast and iTunes U collection.

No fee is charged to attend this course, and nationals of ICGEB Member States are eligible for a limited number of grants to cover their living costs as well as for a contribution towards their travel costs, thanks to the support granted by external sponsors.


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