ICGEB end of year Press Conference

Francisco E. Baralle, Director-General, together with Mauro Giacca, Director, ICGEB Trieste, and Decio Ripandelli, Director of Administration and External Relations, today presented the results of the Centre's international research and institutional activities. In particular, this year has seen the production of a soon to be released malaria vaccine from the New Delhi Component, and the establishment of an advanced centre for developing a vaccine for tuberculosis. To date, the Biotech Development Group in Trieste, which operates with over 20 companies in as many Member States for the production of recombinant pharmaceuticals has generated more than 2 million euro, reinvested in research. Over the last 5 years, almost 800 scientific papers have been published in international peer review journals from the ICGEB Components reaching an overall, distinctly elevated Impact Factor.

ICGEB is an IGO championing capacity building across its Member States, including countries throughout Asia, South America and Africa, and which now tally 59. The Centre's annual budget of approx. 16 million euro is provided through contributions from its host countries, in particular the Italian Government. In addition, over the last 5 years, almost 36 million euro have been obtained from external funding bodies towards specific research activities. This year the Centre was awarded 6 million euro from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for its work on a malaria vaccine in New Delhi and on agricultural biosafety in Trieste. Plans for 2009 include the establishment of ICGEB labs in the Buenos Aires Science Park, Argentina.

The appointment of Prof. F.E. Baralle, Director-General, and that of the Director of the Trieste Component, Prof. Mauro Giacca, have been confirmed for a second five-year term from 2009. The ICGEB currently employs over 550 people, 90% of whom are directly involved in research activities. Over 40% are below the age of 30 and possess a University degree.

17 December 2008
ICGEB Press Release

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