ICGEB Cape Town at National Science Week South Africa

ICGEB Cape Town's Dennis Ndolo, Biosafety Programme Officer,  Claudia Russo, Outreach and Communications and Mariet Wium, Research Scientist in the Cancer Genomics lab who also works on the EU- funded STARBIOS2 Project, were at Mpumalanga University in Nelspruit, South Africa for the South African National Science Week - NSW 2018 - from from 30 July to 4 August 2018.

Organised by the South African Agency for Science & Technology Advancement (SAASTA), the event aims to create, support and enrich platforms for effective science engagement. This year's theme: ‘Deepening our democracy through science’ remains in the tradition of the countrywide celebration of science involving various stakeholders and role-players who conduct science-based activities to advance public awareness, appreciation and engagement of science and engineering and technology in South Africa.

The exhibition was attended by close to 3000 people, of which up to 80% were school students and educators.  "As exhibitors, we had the opportunity to interact with many smart, young South Africans, many of whom have a passion for science, medical and agricultural research. In addition to the exhibition, our team was also asked to speak to a large crowd of school learners and educators to talk about the ICGEB, what we do, science, research, biotechnology and biosafety."

"Our participation at the launch of NSW provided an opportunity for us to showcase the ICGEB and the work we do. We also had the chance to network and create links with other exhibitors who are active stakeholders in South African science."

Thanks to Claudia Russo, reporting from ICGEB Cape Town.

Photos available also on the ICGEB CT Facebook page.

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