ICGEB at UNIDO's 50th Annniversary Celebration & Industrial Development Board this week


Prof. Mauro Giacca headed an ICGEB delegation at UNIDO's 50th Anniversary celebration in Vienna this week from 22-24 November 2016; almost 30 years since the ICGEB began its activity as a special project of UNIDO.

In Prof. Giacca's statement addressing the Board, he emphasized the strong ties between the two Organizations and the strong complementarity in their respective technology transfer activities and innovation in the field of biotechnology.

He highlighted specific areas for the generation of joint intiatives in the field of plant biotechnology, to increase yield, nutritious properties and resistance to stress of food crops or their energy content in the case of biofuels; in the field of biomedicine, local production of biosimilars and pharmaceuticals, and development of innovative vaccines for infectious diseases, in the field of enzymes and biocatalysts for pollution management and cleaner production as well as industrial applications in general.

The Director-General also participates in the panel at the Satellite Event at the OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID) headquarters on biotechnology and food security, on ICGEB and its impact on inclusive and sustainable industrial development and research and training in biotechnology for industrial development.

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