GMOs: deconstructing a myth

Event at the European Forum for Innovation and Research, Trieste, 30 September 2012

Roger Beachy, star speaker at the round table on GMOs at Trieste Next, is the former Director of NIFA, Department of Agriculture, Washington DC, USA and Founding President of the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center.

Roger Beachy on Trieste Next:

"Hopefully, my words will help Italy and the Trieste region to make policy and scientific decisions and set priorities in the food and bioeconomy that are reflective of the strengths of the scientific realities."
"The fact that the event is sponsored by the region, with the willingness and openness to consider the issue of the future of food – locally and globally – is very helpful to the discussion of GM crops."

Dr. Beachy regularly presents seminars that combine science, policy, forward thinking and innovation around plant biology, agriculture and bioeconomy.

Internationally renowned for his work in molecular virology, genetic expression and development of transgenic plants that are resistent to viruses, he is member of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA and winner of the prestigious Wolf Prize in agriculture. 

Download and view the seminar: "Science and Technologies that Create a Sustainable Agro-Economy: Will Policies Enable or Block the Transition?", held at ICGEB Trieste on 28 September 2012, from the ICGEB podcast or directly from the ICGEB Biotechnology Collection on iTunes U.


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Trieste Next: GMOS: Deconstructing a myth?


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