Bionics at the Biotech and Information Technologies Crossroads

A bilateral intitiative between Hungary and Italy, the workshop
entitled "Bionics: at the crossroads of Biotechnology and Information Technologies" was held at the Italian Cultural Institute in Budapest on 31 October 2013.

Co-organized by the Politecnico di TorinoPázmány University in Budapest and the ICGEB, the purpose of the meeting was to integrate contributions from the diverse fields of physics, engineering and biotechnology to establish multidisciplinary networks for the development of new tools in biomedicine.

The programme included a session on theoretical topics providing simulation tools to approach complex biological problems. A session was also dedicated to the development of point-of-care testing (POCT) devices, a fast-growing market with companies looking to invest in this sector. Alessandro Marcello, ICGEB Trieste, proposed two strategies for POCT nucleic-acid detection and immune detection for viral diagnosis in endemic areas with poor healthcare systems.

The workshop included a lively poster session where participants could interact directly with the authors. As emphasized in the concluding statement by Sándor Pongor, ICGEB Trieste, it is direct, face-to-face contact between researchers from different disciplines that helps improve scientific progress and that will establish productive, multidisciplinary collaborative networks.


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