Angolan and Tanzanian Delegations visit ICGEB - Cape Town

26 March 2012 - ICGEB Cape Town plays host to delegations from African Nations

On 26 March 2012 ICGEB Cape Town plays host to official delegations from the Ministry for Higher Education Science and Technology in Angola and from Tanzania's Ministry for Communication Science and Technology.

The Delegation from Angola, headed by Hon. Ms. Maria Candida Psareira Teixeira, Minister for Higher Education Science and Technology, senior officials from her Ministry and from the Department of Science and Technology of South Africa, visited ICGEB Cape Town in the morning on 26 March 2012.

Prof. Parker, ICGEB Cape Town Director, presented an overview of the activities of the ICGEB, student enrolment, personnel, publication record, education and training activities as well as planned future activities. During the ensuing discussion Minister Teixeira, who was very impressed by the research being undertaken at the Component and the ICGEB as a whole, promised to fast track the process of Angola attaining full membership and deriving some of the benefits offered by membership in the ICGEB.

tl_files/News_2012/News_2012pict/Visit Angola Tanzania/visit1.jpgIn the afternoon of the same day, ICGEB Cape Town hosted another high level delegation of 8 heads of various institutions all under the umbrella of Tanzania’s Ministry for Communication Science and Technology. Leading this delegation was Dr. Patrick Makungu, Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Communication, Science and Technology. Tanzania is currently a member of the ICGEB.

The outcome of the meeting was hailed as successful for both the ICGEB and Tanzania. On the one hand, the delegation gained an informed perspective of the activities of the ICGEB and specifically of the Cape Town Component. They were very appreciative of the dialogue and opportunity to engage in discussions with the Director. On the other hand, the Cape Town Component gained a better understanding of how Tanzania’s Ministry of Science and Technology is structured and with whom to engage on matters relating to the Component.

The two parties aim to further improve the level of communication and to forge stronger research collaborations, for example in the form of exchange programmes amongst the scientists and closer working ties between the ICGEB and Tanzania’s affiliated institutions.

Other delegations who have expressed interest in visiting the Cape Town Component in future include NEPAD and Kenya.

On 16 March 2012 the Zimbabwe Minister for Science and Technology visited ICGEB Cape Town.

tl_files/News_2012/News_2012pict/Visit Angola Tanzania/visit4.jpg tl_files/News_2012/News_2012pict/Visit Angola Tanzania/visit5.jpg

tl_files/News_2012/News_2012pict/Visit Angola Tanzania/visit6.jpg tl_files/News_2012/News_2012pict/Visit Angola Tanzania/visit7.jpg

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