Ambassador M. Melani, Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, visits the ICGEB labs


On the occasion of the 11th Annual Conference of the Regional Coordination of Research Institutes, held on 21 November 2012 in the AREA Science Park, Trieste, the Director-General of the Directorate for the Promotion of the "Country System", Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Amb. Maurizio Melani, visits the ICGEB labs in Trieste.

Accompanied by Francisco Baralle, ICGEB Director General, Mauro Giacca Director of ICGEB Trieste and Decio Ripandelli, Director of External Relations, the Ambassador visits the 15 labs of the Component, which currently host over 200 people. The Ambassador met several of the Researchers, who had the opportunity to outline their research projects undertaken at the Centre in the biomedical and biotechnological fields.

Since 1987 the generous contribution of the Government of Italy, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has ensured that ICGEB carries out research and training activities in its labs in Trieste, New Delhi and Cape Town, as well as in collaboration with over 60 countries.



ICGEB Liaison Officer
Min. Plen. Roberto Cantone
Head, Bilateral and Multilateral Scientific and Technological Cooperation Unit
Directorate General for the Promotion of the "Country System"
Ministry of Foreign Affairs 
Piazzale della Farnesina 1 
00135 Rome, Italy

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