Tribute to Ambassador Adolfo Taylhardat, Former President of the ICGEB Board of Governors


Amb. Adolfo Taylhardat, distinguished and highly accomplished diplomat, was a former Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister and Former Ambassador to the UN, in New York, Geneva and Vienna. He also served in Haiti, Cuba, EEC, Austria and France and was a Former MP in Latin America.

His association with the ICGEB harks back to the Organisation's inception as a project of UNIDO in Vienna, Austria. He served as Chairman of the ICGEB Preparatory Committee from 1987 through to 1994, and subsequently as President of the Board from 1994 to 2000.

He was instrumental in firmly establishing and spreading the mission and vision of the ICGEB, and was particularly committed to extending the Centre's Member State constituency in South America.


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Amb. Taylhardat presiding at the joint meeting of the Council of Scientific Advisers and the Board of Governors in 1996

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Amb. Taylhardat at the Board of Governors with (L) Former Director-General, Prof. Arturo Falaschi and (R) Mr. Decio Ripandelli, Former Secretary of the Board

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Amb. Taylhardat at the inauguration of the ICGEB New Delhi Component in India, 1988


10 July 2017

El Nacional: Falleció el diplomático Adolfo Taylhardat


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