ICGEB and AIRH - fostering science in secondary schools

ICGEB Trieste and the Italian Association for Research, Prevention and Cure of disabilities run projects to bring issues and techniques in modern molecular medicine to students in secondary schools.

The current project undertaken by ICGEB and the AIRH, entitled "DIFFONDO" (literally "I diffuse") is specifically aimed at spreading scientific knowledge on current themes in life sciences across local and regional high schools. The programme involves a series of lessons that are delivered by young, expert researchers in different fields of modern molecular medicine and through which students gain access to the world of current scientific research.

"DIFFONDO" reaches out to young students, offering opportunities for anlaysis and consideration of topics involving ethical and scientific issues in medicine and in society, including genetic diagnostics, flu vaccinations, the use of embryos and GMOs. Students are also given a unique possibility to spend an afternoon in the ICGEB laboratories with the scientists. The project involves several hundred students each year, across numerous schools in the Region (particularly Trieste, Udine and Pordenone).

Coordinated by Matteo Valente, AIRH President, and Mauro Giacca, Director  at ICGEB Trieste, lessons are currently held by Annalisa Zecchin, Giulia Ruozi and Bruna Marini, researchers in the Molecular Medicine laboratory at ICGEB Trieste.


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ICGEB collaborates with the AIRH to teach modern topics in molecular and cellular genetics in Italian secondary schools. Young researchers carry out a series of lessons to students in the last two years of high school. On average between 800-1000 young students are involved each year. 
For further information contact: ICGEB Trieste

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