18/02/2015 14:45

Prof. Mauro Giacca receives the "Fondazione Buzzati-Traverso" Award in memory of Prof. Arturo Falaschi

On the occasion of the Joint DBB-IGM Conference, Arturo Falaschi Lecture, held in Pavia on 13-14 February 2015, M. Giacca is presented with the Fondazione Adriano Buzzati-Traverso Award.

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13/02/2015 14:05

Joint Saudi Arabia-ICGEB Workshop on Advances in Biotechnology

Organized by ICGEB and the Saudi Cultural Mission in Italy, the Workshop on Advances in Biotechnology will be held at ICGEB Trieste, Italy from 15-17 February 2015

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12/02/2015 15:43

Malaria Group, ICGEB Delhi, awarded Grant from Medicine for Malaria Venture (MMV), Switzerland

Asif Mohmmed, of the Malaria Lab, ICGEB Delhi, has received a Malaria Box Challenge Grant for his work in identifying a novel anti-malarial.

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10/02/2015 20:17

ICGEB Research Grants 2015

ICGEB offers a dedicated source of funding for outstanding projects in ICGEB Member States, with the goal of promoting collaboration, training of young scientists and the development of research facilities.

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