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Trieste has been selected to be the European City of Science in 2020 and host the Euroscience Open Forum - ESOF 2020



The city is located in the north-eastern corner of Italy, approximately 120 kms east of Venice. It has been a cultural crossroads for centuries and this is reflected in its people, its customs and its cuisine. It is a major port and is dramatically situated between the sea and the impressive Karst plateau.

Its past history can still be seen in the Roman ruins, San Giusto Castle and the Roman Theatre. Memories and images of the past live on in the streets, from the narrow alleys that wind through the old city centre with their picturesque houses and ruined walls to the wide central streets which cross the new part of town with its elegant neo-classical buildings.

Trieste is also the "coffee capital" of Europe, and this is reflected in its many elegant and historic cafes, often the venue for musical or poetry recitals. Cultural heterogeneity is also reflected in its bars selling both good beers and the famous local "Colli Orientali" and Carso wines.

On the outskirts of the town a promenade called Riviera di Barcola runs along the coast, below the lighthouse, to Miramare Castle. International regattas take place throughout the year and the seafront attracts swimmers in the summer. The Miramare Castle and Gardens was built between 1856 and 1860 for Maximilian of Hapsburg, briefly Emperor of Mexico.


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