Meeting Venue
Av. Patricias Argentinas 435
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Organisers: Advisory Committee for Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mauro Giacca and Francisco E. Baralle (ICGEB, Trieste, Italy)
Deadline for receipt of registrations: 31 August 2015
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The meeting is a high profile conference on tissue degeneration and regeneration, jointly sponsored by the ICGEB (Italy) and by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation of the Republic of Argentina in the frame of the Italo Latin American year.

The aim of the meeting is to explore current research into the molecular mechanisms underlying degenerative conditions in the heart, brain and other organs. Participation by several eminent speakers from the US, Europe and South America is foreseen.

Admission by selection - 31 August 2015



  • Molecular mechanisms of tissue degeneration
  • Cardiovascular repair and regenaration
  • Mechanisms of degeneration in the central nervous system
  • Aging and rejuvenation
  • Dementias and other neurodegenerative disorders
  • Embryonic and adult stem cells
  • iPS cells
  • Mesenchymal stem cells
  • Non coding RNAs in tissue degeneration and regeneration


Invited speakers will include:

Francisco E. Baralle (Trieste, Italy)
Paolo Bianco (Rome, Italy)
Emanuele Buratti (Trieste, Italy)
Lucie Carrier (Hamburg, Germany)
Felipe A. Court (Santiago, Chile)
Alberto Crottogini (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Michele De Luca (Modena, Italy)
Thomas Eschenhagen (Hamburg, Germany)
Mauro Giacca (Trieste, Italy)
Roger J. Hajjar (New York, USA)
Claudio Hetz (Santiago, Chile)
Francesco Loffredo (Trieste, Italy)
Rosalia Mendez Otero (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Mark Mercola (San Diego, USA)
Santiago Miriuka (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Lionel Muller Igaz (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Thierry Pedrazzini (Lausanne, Switzerland)
Fernando Pitossi (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Rafael Radi (Montevideo, Uruguay)
Mahendra Rao (Washington, USA)
Wim Robberecht (Leuven, Belgium)
Pilar Ruiz Lozano (San Francisco, USA)
Gustavo Sevlever (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Vicenzo Silani (Milan, Italy)
Christine Vande Velde (Montreal, Canada)
Xianmin Zeng (Novato, USA)


Deadline for registration extended to: 31 August 2015



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