ICGEB Course on Bioenergies 2017

Course "Advances in the development of bioenergies: the use of microorganisms to transform lignocellulosic materials"

12 - 14 July, La Plata, Argentina

Organiser: Mario Carlos Nazareno Saparrat (Facultad
de Ciencias Agrarias y Forestales, UNLP, La Plata, Argentina)
Co-organiser: Giuliano Degrassi (ICGEB Buenos Aires,
Requests for information directly to: degrassiicgeb.org
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Deadline for receipt of applications by local organisers:
10 April 2017

For information please contact the local organisers


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The current state of the art of bioenergy production using microbial transformation of lignocellulosic materials will be presented and discussed. In addition, the production and use of enzymes able to release simple fermentable sugars from different lignocellulosic substrates will be analysed, as well as new approaches for producing other biofuels using microbial transformed lignocellulose and other applications in the fuel field. Therefore this course aims at gathering and discussing ideas and information related to the use of microorganisms in the development of biotechnological tools to produce biofuels.



  • Current situation of production of bioenergies using microbes-driven lignocellulosic transformation in Latin America and expected development

  • Bioprospecting of new microbial isolates with potential application as source of enzymes to transform lignocellulose
  • Lignocellulolytic enzymatic systems from microrogamisms: an overview

  • Transformation of lignocellulosic residues in bioenergy

  • Oleaginous fungi as source of biodiesel

  • Improvement in the production of bioenergy from lignocellulose by microbial consortia

  • Production of methane from microbial transformed lignocellulose

  • Bioethanol 1G versus Bioethanol 2G



  • Scientists involved in research related to the study and development of microbial and enzymatic products and processes for production of biofules

  • Preference will be given to applicants from developing countries



  • No fee is charged to attend this Course. Participants are expected to cover their own travel and living costs

  • A limited number of grants, covering accommodation (twin share) and local hospitality for the duration of the Course, are available to a selected number of nationals of ICGEB Member States
  • The available grants will be allocated in order of priority, according to the ranking achieved in the selection process



Submit your application on-line by 10 April 2017 






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