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ICGEB currently counts 41 Affiliated Centres across its Member States.

Affiliated Centres are established research institutes in Member States which have attained, or have the potential for, high standard research. The Affiliated Centres (one only per Member State) form an effective global research network. They host many of the Centre's training activities and channel the resources and services of ICGEB to local institutions.

The Collaborative Research Programme (CRP) - ICGEB Research Grants has been established to stimulate collaborative research between ICGEB and the network of Affiliated Centres and to develop new research programmes of specific interest to participating countries. Under ICGEB's five year programme, the annual expenditure of the Centre for collaborative research programmes amounts to over US$1 million.

See also: Meetings and Courses held in ICGEB Member States.

How to attain Affiliated Status:

Procedures for the affiliation of existing National Centres/Laboratories:

Applications can only be considered from ICGEB full Member States. Proposals for affiliating national centres/laboratories to ICGEB should contain documentation providing information on the following:

- Type of institution (governmental, semi-governmental, etc.)
- Annual budget in US$
- Scientific staff: number of scientists working at the centre and their field of expertise
- Physical facilities: number/area of buildings and laboratory space
- Equipment/Services: major laboratory equipment; pilot plants; library size in terms of the numbers of books and subscriptions to periodicals; computer facilities; reproduction facilities; electronic, mechanical and instrument services
- Supporting facilities: list of supporting facilities which now exist in the vicinity of the proposed centre, including scientific and technical libraries; suppliers of fine chemicals, enzymes and radiolabelled materials; testing services
- Overall description of the research programme carried out at the candidate centre
- Bilateral and multilateral cooperation programmes with other countries in the field of science and technology
- Facilities for the training of scientific personnel at the centre
- Envisaged interaction with the ICGEB

Upon receipt of the above mentioned documentation, ICGEB will review the information provided and, as needed, arrange for a visit to the Institute concerned by a team of ICGEB scientists. Based on the information received and the outcome of the site visit, a comprehensive report will be made to the Council of Scientific Advisers for endorsement by the Board of Governors, which is responsible for granting the status of Affiliated Centre.

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